Advanced Technology

The Extinguish Stick is a “State-of-the-Art” cutting edge fire suppression technology based on decade’s old proven science. It is a single-use fire suppression device that initiates a non-pressurized aerosol delivery system that puts out fires quickly and efficiently.

Environmental Friendly

The Extinguish Stick is environmentally friendly and once activated will not leave a residual coating or “dusting,” of powder like particles on the affected surfaces. For that reason, the Extinguish Stick is safe to use around sensitive electronic devices, kitchen appliances, machinery, aircraft avionics or other types of highly calibrated equipment.

Global Usage

Initially developed for use in space……the Extinguish Stick has several advantages over “traditional” fire suppression devices. The Extinguish Stick has been in use in Europe and the Middle East for years. It currently is supplied with numerous high-end automobiles as the official fire suppression device for that manufacturer in Europe!


  • Extinguish Stick is NOT pressurized……none of the associated dangers with pressurized canisters exists.
  • No maintenance or service is required on the device as opposed to standard fire extinguishers
  • Unlike many traditional fire extinguishers, the Extinguish Stick is Environmentally Friendly
  • The product comes with a FIVE (5) YEAR WARRANTY!
  • A, B, C & E Rate Fire Suppression Capability!
  • Light and Portable. Average weight is slightly less than 16 ounces! Can be used with one hand
  • Is non-corrosive once activated!
  • Can be used on Boats, RV’s, Motorcycles, Automobiles, Camping, Home, Office, Job Site, Etc.
  • Leaves virtually no residual coatings or “dustings” once activated.
  • Fits in Glove Compartments of Automobiles or in your Silverware Drawer in the kitchen!
  • Perfect for use on or around salt or freshwater environments!
  • When compared to similar performing “traditional” fire extinguishers… The Extinguish Stick is a fraction of the cost!!!
  • Can be used as a smoke flare (type) signaling device in outdoor emergencies!


The idea for the Extinguish Stick is actually based in science that was first advanced by Dynamit- Nobel, a European company back in the 1920’s. Their engineers discovered three startling facts about a specific reaction that could be initiated to create an advanced aerosol type gas. First, the reaction could be controlled to last a specific amount of time. Second, the gas was safe for the environment. Third and most importantly……the gas has a voracious appetite for oxygen. Hence, it was the perfect fire suppression system. However, it also had a few drawbacks in its infancy. The equipment that generated the reaction was not portable and it required an electronic “triggering” device. For those reasons, the science surrounding this ingenious technology was not advanced for several decades.

Then in the late 1980’s early 1990’s, the Russian Academy of Sciences identified that a new and improved portable fire suppression system, needed to be specifically developed for use on their Soyuz space capsules (and in a more general sense)……in all spacecraft and orbital environments such as space stations. They identified several shortcomings associated with “traditional” fire extinguishers. Some of these shortcomings included; carrying pressurized fire extinguisher tanks into space, the bulk (size) associated with larger volume fire extinguishers, “traditional” fire extinguishers require periodic maintenance to remain functional, A, B, C and E rated fire extinguishers can damage sensitive electronic equipment and cause health risks for the human occupants on board these space craft….. and the simple fact that attempting to operate a large, bulky, pressurized fire extinguisher in zero gravity requires an almost herculean effort to control/ aim! For these reasons, a new “state of the art,” technology was identified as needed to fight fires in the rigorous environment of space.

That is how the Extinguish Stick was born! Engineers located at our “State of the Art,” manufacturing facility in Italy overcame the few challenges need to make this technology portable as well as the need to use an electronic triggering device. What they developed was the most advanced portable fire suppression device in the world today! The Extinguish Stick is so light and portable it can easily be carried and used by anyone… matter what their physical limitations. As long as they have full use of both hands and are mobile, they should be able to use the Extinguish Stick. Since the Extinguish Stick is not pressurized, no maintenance is required to keep it in working order. The Extinguish Stick will be ready when you need it most! The Extinguish Stick will not harm the environment nor does it leave a residual coating or “dusting,” once activated to suppress a fire. This means minimal cleanup or inadvertent damage to sensitive electronic equipment.

A portable, light, easy to use, A, B, C & E  Rated Fire Suppression Capability, zero maintenance, non-pressurized, environmentally friendly, one-time-use fire suppression device, ……that will always be ready to use when you need it most! We even provide a 5 Year Warranty on the unit! THAT is the Extinguish Stick!
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The Extinguish Stick is a very advanced technology by design. Yet it is a simple and uncomplicated device that is virtually fool-proof when it comes to its performance.
The Extinguish Stick somewhat resembles a slightly larger more robust standard “road flare,” in appearance. It has a handle and a covering cap over the top of the unit. The handle is blue and the cap is red. The handle has a molded grip surface and when the cap covering the top of the device is pulled free, it is then inserted into the bottom of the handle…….creating a longer overall length for the unit. Simply point the device in a safe direction, pull the yellow safety pin out of the top of the Extinguish Stick and the device will automatically activate!

Basically, a very simple chemical reaction takes place once the triggering pin is removed from the Extinguish Stick. Potassium Nitrate when blended with other components forms a compound. This patented chemical formulation can be precisely controlled to create chemical reactions for a specific period of time. A “jet” of gas is emitted out of the end of the Extinguish Stick with some force due to this reaction. It is this “jet” of visible gas that will suppress or extinguish a fire. Depending on which device you are deploying, the unit will last approximately fifty (50) seconds or approximately one hundred (100) seconds. In the near future, Extinguish Stick will offer other units which function for other lengths of time.

Because the chemical reaction created in the Extinguish Stick is so efficient, the user will find that the Extinguish Stick works very quickly to suppress fires it is used on. This is because the Potassium Nitrate compound (formulation) used in the Extinguish Stick creates a visible gas that is a voracious consumer of oxygen. Hence, the fire is “starved” of fuel and effectively is “snuffed” out. Also, since it is a aerosol “gas” containing no solid particulate material………no “dust” or residue contaminates the general area the Extinguish Stick was deployed in. It is partly this same reason that the product is considered eco-friendly.

Once the Extinguish Stick has been deployed and the fire suppressed or extinguished, it is recommended that the user simply continue to “apply” the emitted gas to the source of the fire for several more seconds. This will help to insure no “re-flash” or re-ignition of the fire will occur. This is basically the same recommendations provided when a “traditional” fire extinguisher is used as well. Once it is confirmed that the threat of “re-ignition is no longer a concern, simply take the Extinguish Stick outdoors and allow it to complete its “timed” cycle until it depletes it’s emission capacity. If taking it outdoors is not practical, simply submerge the end of the device in a bucket or vessel of water. Once the end of the Extinguish Stick has “cooled,” simply dispose of it in your normal trash. Again, it does not need to be disposed of in any special manner because it is an eco-friendly device.

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A = wood, paper, fabric, plastic, etc. Normal types of combustibles commonly found in trash.
B = these are fires whose fuels is flammable or combustible liquid or gas.
C/E = electrical fires
While we do not draw direct comparisons between the advanced thermal-dynamic suppression capabilities of the Extinguish Stick and “traditional” fire extinguishers, the standard 20 lb fire extinguisher carries a payload of approximately 15 to 25 seconds of continuous product emission. As an example, the Fifty (50) second Extinguish Stick will provide approximately 50 seconds of payload suppression capability.
No. Halon has fallen out of favor in the last few years as a fire suppression gas. This is primarily because Halon gas has been found to be an Ozone-Depleting gas. In fact, the Montreal Protocol declares that “Halon should no longer be used.”
No. Unlike dry-chemical fire extinguishers which generally contain the chemical
Monoammonium Phosphate, which is corrosive and damages computers and electronic
equipment…….and may not be evident for several months, Extinguish Stick does not
use this chemical agent in its formulation.
Yes. In fact, Extinguish Stick carries an international marine use certification. It can be stored on a boat until needed with no fear normally associated with pressurized fire extinguisher tanks. It also holds the advantage of requiring far less space for storage. In an emergency situation, the Extinguish Stick can even be pressed into a smoke flare (type) signaling device!
The main advantages are the Extinguish Stick requires no maintenance or recharging
to remain ready for deployment. It is much smaller and lighter so it is far more likely to be stored close to where it will be needed. It can be deployed with literally one hand after activation……allowing the other hand to remain free for use. It functions across a wide spectrum of fires classes. It will not harm electronic equipment or damage/contaminate surfaces where deployed with “dust” or residue. It will not harm the environment and can be disposed of like normal trash once used.
The Extinguish Stick is a “One Time Use,” fire suppression device. Once used, it is discarded. This insures that each Extinguish Stick you go to deploy is fully ready for use as their Is no recharging required for the product. In reality, most traditional fire extinguishers that are deployed in residential settings are generally also replaced by the consumer. This is because the user really has no idea how much fire suppression component remains in the device.
No. UL Certification is a voluntary certification process that the manufacturer pays a private company to perform. Currently, Extinguish Stick holds numerous International Certifications and has been used for years in Europe and other parts of the world. However, Extinguish Stick is in the process of securing all relevant US based certifications which will better serve the marketing and sales of the product in the US. One of the current requirements for a UL approved fire suppression device is for some type of “gauge” to be installed on the unit. However, since the Extinguish Stick does not contain a pressurized gas or liquid, a pressure gauge is not practical or needed.
The Extinguish Stick is far more cost efficient than traditional types of fire suppression units. As an example, a 30 lb fire extinguisher will generally cost no less than $389 on average. That unit will carry a payload of approximately 30+/- seconds of total discharge time. The Extinguish Stick Fifty (50) Second unit will carry a payload of approximately 50 seconds of discharge time…..and it costs less than a third of the price! This price comparison does not even include the regular maintenance costs required to keep the traditional unit serviced.


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