If the Extinguish Stick fails to operate as advertised in any capacity during the initial FIVE (5)YEAR WARRANTY period, simply return the device to the below address for a full and complete refund.

If the Extinguish Stick device was purchased from an authorized retailer and not directly from the Extinguish Stick company, include the original (or a legible copy) receipt of purchase as well.
Provide a written explanation of the devices “failure to perform” with the returned product. Your contact information should be included with the returned product. This contact information should include:


Your refund, when approved for processing, will be mailed no later than90 days after receipt of the returned defective product and all requested substantiated materials.

Extinguish Stick Company is not responsible for damages or injuries that may occur due to a defective product or improper use/ deployment of the product during the course of attempted fire suppression with the device. Extinguish Stick Company will only be responsible for replacement of a defective Extinguish Stick or refund for a defective Extinguish Stick as outlined in this Return & Refund Policy.

Extinguish Stick Company is bound by the laws of the State of New York in regards to defective product returns and refunds. Extinguish Stick Company is bound by the State of New York when it comes to product liability claims and defective product warranties.

Please return defective or non-performing Extinguish Stick devices to the below listed address for processing of your warranty/ return request: