Extinguish Stick | 100 Sec. Model

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Extinguish Stick | 100 Sec. Model


The patented Extinguish Stick was designed for use in space because it leaves no residue, is not pressurized and is maintenance free. Now this space age technology has been made available to everybody across the map. The Extinguish Stick is environmentally friendly, comes with a five year warranty and is so easy anyone can use it. This paired with the compact size makes the list of applications endless as it can fit anywhere and will be ready whenever you need it.


Product Description

100 Seconds of Use
Equivalent to a 40 Pound Fire Extinguisher
Advanced Patented Technology
5 Year Warranty
Maintenance Free
Environmentally Friendly

Product Dimensions:
1.65″ x 14.17″
1.04 Lbs.


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