Looking for a small, lightweight, highly effective Fire Extinguisher for your car or truck? Easy to store, Easy to use?Auto fire Extinguiser

You are at the right place. Welcome to where we offer you the most technologically advanced, state-of-the-art Fire Extinguisher, harnessing a technology that was originally developed for the Soyuz space mission. A revolutionary small, versatile 16-ounce ‘stick’ that packs incredible fire killing power for its size, it is the culmination of a 100 years of evolution of the technology used in Fire Extinguishers. It is basically the safest Fire Extinguisher ever invented, that carries a payload that is almost double that of standard bulky fire extinguishers, costs one-third, and is small enough to fit into the glove compartment.

Why is it the best for your car?

Because it simply is. Fire extinguishers have a rich evolutionary history and it has culminated in very efficient, lightweight, yet power-packed devices, that can be easily used by anyone, anywhere. The Extinguish Stick is the most versatile, power-packed fire extinguisher perfect for use in your car or truck. It is easily fits into the glove compartment. It can be deployed in seconds and once deployed it shoots out a visible jet of swiftly evaporating liquid that kills any fire by depriving it of oxygen. Quick and hassle-free deployment may mean the difference between a small fire and an uncontrollable blaze.

Here’s why Extinguish Stick is the best choice for your car:fire extinguisher stick

* Extinguish Stick is equipped to suppress Fires of type A,B,C and E. This means that it can be used on fires caused and fed by materials like paper, wood, flammable liquids, electrical, and kitchen oils or grease.

* Amazingly easy to use, Extinguish Stick can be deployed in seconds and used with just one hand.

* Can be used as a smoke flare type signalling device in case of an emergency.

* Owing to it’s power-packed, yet compact nature, it is ideal for storage and use at Home or Office, on Boats, RVs, Motorcycles, Automobile and while camping or while working in proximity to a fire.

* Unlike traditional fire extinguishers, Extinguish Stick does not require any servicing or maintenance. It is a powerful one-time-use device that does not require re-filling, and is discarded after use.

* Extinguish Stick comes with a 5 year warranty!

* A benchmark in Fire Extinguishing technology, Extinguish Stick is environment-friendly. It leaves no harmful or hard-to-clean residue behind. The technology is non-corrosive to wires and other materials.

* At 16 ounces, Extinguish Stick is extremely lightweight in relation to the fire killing capacity it holds.

* The contents of Extinguish Stick are not under pressure. Hence there is no danger from pressurized cannisters and leaks. Extinguish Stick uses a Potassium Nitrate compound to starve the fire of oxygen and does this by using non-pressurized system to disperse the gas.

* Can be used safely near freshwater or marine environments.

* Costs only one-third of what traditional fire extinguishers do, yet packs double fire suppressing power.

How is it used?

The Extinguish Stick employs a highly advanced technology for fire suppression and is undeniably the most superior quality Fire Extinguisher available in the world today. The operative end of the Stick is red and has a cap covering the top of the device. The rest of the unit is blue and serves as a handle. Specially molded surface of the handle enables a good grip on the device when in use. The cap of this unit, once removed, can be inserted on to the bottom of the handle, thus creating a longer reach. Make sure it is pointed in a safe direction and simply pull the yellow safety pin off the top. Extinguish Stick will instantly activate.

How it works?

The removal of the yellow pin triggers a blending of Potassium Nitrate with other components, which in turn forces a jet of gas out of the top of the device. This chemical formulation, protected by patent, can be precisely manipulated to create time-controlled chemical reactions. The reaction is energetic and releases visible gas with a force that can be directed. This gas rapidly depletes the fire of oxygen, thereby killing it effectively within seconds. The Extinguish Stick will last approximately 50 or a 100 seconds, depending on the device deployed.


Since the jet or spray is an aerosol gas and does not contain any particulate material, it leaves behind no ‘dust’ or covering residue or contaminating effect. Extinguish Stick is therefore the most Eco-friendly fire suppressant available today. Once deployed, and the threat negated, Extinguish Stick can be taken outdoors and allowed to complete it’s timed performance. It can also be safely put off simply by submerging its head into a bucket of water. It can then be disposed through normal trash – it’s Eco-friendly composition does not require special disposal.

The National Safety Council

The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) reports thousands of vehicle fires every year, resulting in hundreds of deaths and injuries beyond count. The major causes cited for these fires rage from poor vehicle maintenance to car crashes. While understanding the causes greatly reduce the chances of a fire, it is still possible for a vehicle fire to occur without warning. A vehicle in motion, and on fire can be a terrifying experience, inducing loss of control is common due to panic, which can lead to an unfortunate outcome. The National Safety Council suggests the following steps: Turn on your indicator and stop in a side lane. Switch off the engine. Get out of the car immediately. If it is a small fire, ensure that you are standing out of harm’s way and use your fire extinguisher to put it out. If the fire is bigger than you can control, move away from the blaze to a distance of 100 ft. Call emergency services.

It is the world’s smallest, safest fire extinguisher, perfect for use in your car

There can be no doubt. Extinguish Stick is in a class by itself. The most advanced, unique, maintenance-free, fire suppressing technology, producing an awesome 50-second burst of fire-killing time, packed into a 16-ounce container that fits into a glove compartment!

Extinguish Stick is MUST HAVE for the safety of your home, office and car. Easily stored and amazingly powerful, Extinguish Stick costs only one-third of a traditional fire extinguisher and packs twice the punch. Buy one for your car today.